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Learn what it takes to break through to your first 6 figs in your business.png

You've hit 100k+ in revenue for your service-based business and ready to sustainably scale your business to seven figures...without sacrificing your life?

To grow your business to that elusive Next Level where you have:

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More time and FREEDOM in your schedule

BR Personal Brand (36).png

More consistent clients and cash flow

BR Personal Brand (37).png

More confidence in your team-lead company

I'm guessing you're nodding your head yes.


You know that what got you to 100k+, won't get you to a 7 or 8 figure business. But the reality is, you're ready to get to 7 or 8 figures but you feel stuck. And you're not the only one.
Out of all the entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Stats from the US Dept. of Commerce (2018), Fundera (2023) and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (2017).

For you, your business is more about legacy than money...

The money is great! But, you much rather have time freedom, money freedom, choice freedom, and do whatever you'd like freedom because you've put the work in.


You took the risk. You made the sacrifice. You missed the special occasions. You took a leap of faith. You defied the odds. And, now - you're ready to do it again for the sake of your family and those to come because you recognize - one of the greatest assets to support generational wealth, is business earnings. 


But, the problem is, with what you've achieved thus far - you know there is more to do, new levels to hit but it's hard to go to the next level when service-based entrepreneurs are in this feast or famine cycle, they don't have the resources to experience sustainable success that allows them to feel in control of their business (and actually enjoy the fruits of their labor). They work 24/7, hustling to continue bringing in clients and cashflow, and losing precious hours of their lives trying to keep everything running in their business. 

So why do so many of us get stuck?

After working with thousands of service-based entrepreneurs for over a decade, I've seen what separates businesses with sustainable success from those who struggle to grow.


First, let's talk about what the problem is not.

It's not because you're not hustling enough or you don't work hard enough. I know that you do! You work 60-80 hour weeks - in addition to everything else you're juggling in your life.

It's not because you don't have enough education, certifications or experience in your field. You're already an expert - trust me.

And it's not because you're "not cut out for entrepreneurship." Let's just get rid of that negative head talk right now.

The real problem: relying on what got you here and not who & what will get you to your next destination. You're beyond Google and endless free webinars. You need mentorship. 
There. I said it. 

How do you go from stressed-out CEO to finally breaking through to $1,000,000+ in revenue and beyond??

  1. It's about understanding that the only million-dollar idea is the one you commit to and execute on.

  2. It's about laying a solid foundation where you do the hard work ONCE, then grow by putting your systems to work for you.

  3. It's about saying YES to a the team that helps you realize more sustainable growth.

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The Millie Collective.png

An immersive mentorship, next-level mastermind experience for established entrepreneurs ready to be among the top 9% that make a million or more a year.

Whether you want to make the money you made in corporate, increase your impact, or simply operate a business that can provide you the income, lifestyle and fulfillment you desire - The Millie Collective will help you get there.

Presented by Bobby Robinson, JD, MBA

How do you start making $40K months, $60K months, $80K and more? It starts with having the right mentorship in your corner. Bobby is not your ordinary business coach, entrepreneur or investor. Having personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale their service-based businesses to multiple 6, 7 or 8 figures and beyond, he's the guy you call when you need the Midas Touch in your business. 


Now it's your turn.

Entrepreneur  •  Lawyer  •  Business Strategist / Consultant


It's your time to finally...

1 / Grow your business to wait-list status

with consistent clients and consistent $40K-$60K-$80K months so you can have more than enough to upgrade your lifestyle and support your family.

2 / Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who GET IT and WANT you to succeed too

smart, savvy entrepreneurs who believe in shaking up the status quo, who know that diversity is an asset and who are building their dream businesses for their families and communities, too.

3 / Quit the 24/7 hustle

where you can't seem to unplug from your business - and finally reclaim your weekends off, take real vacas again - all with the peace of mind that comes from a predictably profitable business.

"Honestly, we met Bobby as our business attorney, but after meeting with him, we quickly realized that he's a swiss army knife and his business acumen is next level. He's helped us cross the 7 figure threshold and we're working with him on getting to 8 figures. We don't want to share him, but he's awesome and you'll enjoy learning from him!"

Carl & Kristy Winchester

7 Figure Business Owners (Better Dayz Trucking, LLC)

Choose Your Millie Level

Learn what it takes to break through to your first 6 figs in your business (3).png


Millie VIP Day

This is one, hyper-focused day to help you plan, strategize and get over 1-2 core issues holding you back. It's the intensive you need to really hone in on the problem that can be the difference between $1M and $10M in revenue for your business.

Ranges between $10K - $40K.

Flex pay & Financing options available.


Millie Group Mentorship

This is my 6-month group coaching for those who need ongoing coaching from someone who knows how to lead people into the top stratosphere of entrepreneurs. (It includes a free trademark service as well! Amazing!!)

$7,500 if paid in full. Can be paid in up to six (6) installments of $1,500. Financing Available.


Millie Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Three (3) months - it's like you have me as your business partner so you already know the transformation is your business will be next level.  So, if you need lots of accountability and 1:1 attention, this level is for you. You'll also get access to my Millie Lounge community for ongoing support, events, and other perks. 

$15K if paid in full. Can be paid in up to three (3) installments of $6,000. Financing Available.


Millie VIP Day


A VIP Day, is just that - you're the VIP for the day! This is a one-day, business intensive that we do either virtually or in-person (which is my favorite) and we get to diagnose and fix what's not working in your business so that your business can go on to 7 and 8-figure revenue levels. When I leave, you'll have a clear plan on how to get from point A to B. 

Here's what you get in the Millie VIP Day:

  • A powerful one-day, hands-on troubleshooting session to give you customized support from me so you can get the business results you're looking for.

  • A 1-on-1 Kick-Off Call: we'll start with a private call so you can fill me in on the issue you need help with the most. You'll send over any background information I can review beforehand as well. This is critical to ensure we make the most of our Millie VIP Day together.

  • A fully customized strategic plan you get to walk away with afterwards that (A) provides a killer solution to the problem at hand and (B) gives you a path forward to your business' next level of greatness.

  • Post VIP Day 30 Day Checkin / Follow Up: You'll schedule a follow up call with Bobby to ensure the business is implementing the takeaways / strategies from the VIP Day. 

  • Access to the Millie Group Mentorship at VIP rate (see below) because there is no ongoing support after the VIP Day. If you get stuck or need help implementing the plan, then you'll need to consider the Mille Group Mentorship or the Private 1:1 Coaching. 


$10K to $40K

50% deposit required to secure VIP Day on calendar and balance due no later than 14 days before scheduled VIP Day.

Financing available.


Millie Group Mentorship

This level is for you when you've made some money in business but you feel like you're under-performing and should be further along, and you're tired of relying on Google and jumping on a gazillion webinars and free trainings trying to find your next hit and after all of that you realize - I need a mentor and I need be around a community of like-mind entrepreneurs.


And, if that's the case - in the Millie Group Mentorship / Coaching program, not only do you get me as your mentor, but you also get the support of a few other big-dreaming (and big-doing!!) entrepreneurs who share your values and goals. This is powerful not only for your personal growth but think about how fast and farther your business can and will go being around a group of high-earning 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs - which usually means you do both faster - but also for building your own belief of what's possible for you, and motivating you as only being in a supportive and abundance filled environment can do. 

Note: for you to be a fit for the Millie Group Coaching / Mentoring, you have to also be willing and able to contribute to the group, so you support your fellow Millieaires too.

Here's what you get in the Millie Group Coaching:

  • A phenomenal hybrid six (6) month private and group coaching experience to give you the best of both worlds: customized support from me and from an intimate group of a few others who have similar goals and values - and the kinds of business results you want.

  • A 1-on-1 Kick-Off Call: this is the most eye-opening - and profit-generating - call you've ever had. No lie. During this call, you'll finally learn the pieces you've been missing. What's more, I'll identify key areas of improvement in your business, map out your custom Millie Strategy to get you to 7-figures and give you a step-by-step action plan to get there.

  • A private Millie Lounge - only Facebook group: I'm in here almost every day M-F. This is where we make sure you get all the support and mentorship you need to grow - fast. You can ask / talk about anything and everything (like marketing, sales, strategy, team, money, mindset, confidence, goals obstacles, copywriting and more) with me and your fellow Millieaires. 

  • One monthly group Q&A call: use this to get hotseat feedback and deep-dive coaching on your top focus for the month.

  • One monthly private training: each month, I create a new Millie Collective-exclusive training on a topic most relevant for the collective's growth that month. 

  • Quarterly 1-on-1 calls with me: to plan out your big-picture strategy for the quarter that'll have you continually moving forward in your business (often way faster than you might've imagined). 

  • One (1) FREE trademark for your brand (worth $2.5K).

  • Contract Library: get access to lawyer drafted and approved contract templates for use in your business. 


$7,500 if paid in full. Can be paid in up to six (6) installments of $1,500.

Financing Available.


Millie Private One-on-One Coaching

This level's for those who don't have time for more information but ready for high-level, actionable transformation and need to be the one and only star of the show (and you're ready to go BIG - fast), and having my undivided attention will do just that. 

Here's what you get with Millie Private One-on-One Coaching:

  • Business partner level experience for three (3) months. We'll talk through everything and I'll guide you in every area of your business and life that you need individualized, expert support with to get to your next level.

  • Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls per month: this is where the rubber meets the road. On our private calls, we'll work through whatever's needed most regarding strategy, business, marketing, sales, team, relationships, mindset and / or money. I'll give you customized feedback and pull from my experience as a 7-figure business owner, first generation millionaire and coach to several others that I've helped mentor up to 6, 7 and 8 figures plus.

  • Personalized feedback and support: in between our calls, you can always message me for quick check-ins, questions, thoughts, feedback, mindset reframes, brainstorms and more. I'm your personalized resource who's been where you are, is where you want to be and has helped countless others on the very same path. 

  • All the things: you get access to everything I create during our time together: my courses, live events and anything else I come up with that you find interesting or helpful.

  • Complimentary Access to Professional Service Providers: you'll have access to professional service provides from Sales Copywriter, HR Consultants, Bookkeepers, CPAs, Attorneys, and System Builders. 

  • One (1) FREE trademark for your brand (worth $2.5K).

  • Contract Library: get access to lawyer drafted and approved contract templates for use in your business. 


$15K if paid in full. Can be paid in up to three (3) installments of $6,000

Financing Available.

"Bobby helped me gain my confidence when it came to how I priced my consultancy and coaching services. Implementing his pricing strategies as well as advice on team scaling and delegation, Bobby has helped me develop the infrastructure to reclaim time with family.

Latrice Gatison

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